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Patterson Architects, Inc. is an architecture firm established in 2004 with the purpose of creating physical environments that enrich peopleís lives, workplaces and communities.
With over thirty years of diversified project experience in urban design, planning, architecture and interiors, the firm welcomes the challenges of contemporary issues and finding economical and relevant solutions within a progressively complex environment.

The firmís approach to project management is to thoroughly analyze each projectís needs, opportunities and issues in order to develop a successful strategy for a comprehensive design and construction process. Teamwork is a cornerstone to our success and we value the input and experience of each of our consultants, construction managers and contractors while pursuing design opportunities.

Patterson Architects, Inc. provides architectural, planning and design services for a variety of project types including hotels, single family residences, multi-family residences, office buildings, retail facilities, supermarkets and mixed use projects. The firm also specializes in site plan approvals, rezoning and special permit approval services. 

Within this framework, our firm strives to give each client a quality architectural project with dignity and design style fitting each circumstance within the established budget and schedule.

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